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Your spotlight on local services

Call to Action - Community for Harrow East


An important message from Dr Reina Popat:

Harrow East Primary Care Network (3 GP surgeries made up of Bacon Lane, Mollison Way and Honeypot medical Centre) are right now, going through their books, calling up their most vulnerable patients and asking them to stay safe in their homes, as well as assessing what their concerns and needs are.

A number will need practical help e.g.

1. Phone calls to check in on emotional wellbeing or welfare
2. Delivery of food and medicines
3. We may need practical help on the ground in surgery

​There are several ways to help if you are not self-isolating yourself or in the high risk category as defined by the government guidelines. If you are still keen and available and wish to help our GPs in particular, in the short term we are using our 'hub list' to volunteer help if we identify patients in need of a community volunteer: Would you be interested in helping us?

If YES, please get in touch (contact details below) stating which services you are able to provide e.g. phone calls to patients, welfare checks (from safe distance) deliveries, shopping, administrative, transport.

Please provide a phone number and email (no need to repeat if done on bit.ly form) on which we can contact you as requests for help become clear. Please state any restrictions on your availability.

Contact Dr Reina Popat