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Child protection: critics of serious case reviews are missing the point


Reviews are a valuable learning tool – but the lessons need to be effectively communicated to time-pressed social workers

Serious case reviews are a hotly debated topic in children's services. Some say they haven't made a sufficient difference, but I can't help thinking we're missing the point if we don't embrace their purpose. We must use them as a catalyst for change within the sector.

We need to be better at mapping out what leads to poor outcomes for children so we can work out how we coach and develop our practitioners and their managers to embed change. 

There is certainly an appetite to improve the quality of serious case reviews.  A Department for Education commissioned programme delivered by NSPCC, Sequeli and Action for Children has attracted many more people than expected, with 59 people already through the two-day training programme and a further 20 signed up for the course in February. More


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