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Colonoscopy Confidence Campaign


A message from our colleagues at Bowel Cancer UK:

Bowel Cancer UK are launching the Colonoscopy Confidence campaign and we would love your support.

We know some people feel anxious or worried when they’re told they need a colonoscopy but it’s important to have this test if they’re referred. Colonoscopy appointments can suffer from a non-attendance problem and there is misunderstanding and fear of the procedure.

We’ve set out to understand patient barriers to attending a colonoscopy and aim to tackle them with a communications campaign adopting an authentic and human tone of voice to create engagement around an often difficult subject. The campaign launches today and is ongoing.

The campaign includes factsheets, a leaflet, posters, a campaign film, films from people talking about their experience of having a colonoscopy, an animation and a range of social graphics. Several of the assets are available in English, Welsh, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic and Mandarin. All of the campaign assets are on our website: bowelcanceruk.org.uk/colonoscopyconfidence and available to download from Google Drive.

Also find out more in the official flyer (below):