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Patient information videos – Blood Diseases


We have produced a series of videos to help you and your family learn more about some of the most common tests and procedures used to diagnose and treat blood diseases.

Patients who have previously undergone these tests helped us to design the videos. Each video clearly explains what the procedure involves and addresses

Each video clearly explains what the procedure involves and addressescommon issues and concerns including:
• Why your doctor recommended this procedure
• What you need to do to prepare
• What you can expect during the procedure
• What you need to do afterwards.

Topics covered

  • Bone marrow test
  • Lumbar punture
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • PICC insertion
  • PET CT scan
  • Blood Transfusion

The videos are available on Youtube: www.youtube.com/londoncancer.
Each video is available with subtitles in 10 languages (Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish and Turkish)

These videos have been designed to give you more information. If after watching you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your treating team at your hospital.
Although created with blood disease patients in mind, the investigations covered in the videos are also used to diagnose and treat other conditions so they may be helpful if you have a different health issue.


These patient information videos have been created by the London Cancer Haematology Pathway Board with support from the Kay Kendall Fund, RM Partners and Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation

The Cancer Vanguard is a partnership between Greater Manchester Cancer Vanguard Innovation, RM Partners and UCLH Cancer Collaborative