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Your spotlight on local services

Accessible Health/Service Information for Asylum Seekers (Refugee Council London)


A message from our colleages at the Refugee Council:

1.       The Refugee Council's policy note on health barriers – outlines the main issues our clients are experiencing when they access health services, including issues arising in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. PDF version.

2.       Therapeutic IAHC Communication Card – a double-sided card with useful vocabulary and phrases with translations. It can be used to speed up and clarify communication about health problems with the doctor, nurse, reception staff, in the hospital, with people who work in supporting organisations and to members of the public; translated to five languages: AlbanianArabicDariFarsiTigrinya.

3.       Maternity guide for women on asylum support. Print version | PDF version.

4.       Maternity guide for professionals. PDF version.

5.       Films – we have produced 5 video films to share learning and good practice based on our experience of delivering the HARP project:

  • Film 1 – It is different over here: access to healthcare in the UK.
  • Film 2 – Experiencing the asylum process in the UK and impact on health.
  • Film 3 – Access to health for people seeking protection in the UK.
  • Film 4 – The right to be understood: the importance of interpreting.
  • Film 5 – Experts by Experience.

You can also view all the videos in the video hub: HARP video resources: accessing healthcare in the UK and directly via our YouTube channel, here.

Please refer to our resource and policy pages for more information and be in touch with me if you have any questions or comments.